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The Best Home Workouts on Youtube

We all have a busy life, I have full time job, two kids and husband. I also need to clean up the house, cook, look after my kids and cats, meet friends and the list goes on and on… So we need to remember to find time for ourselves as well. As I am a morning person, my favourite part of the day is the morning before everyone wake up. It’s is time to drink my coffee, read the news and then do the best 20-40 minutes workout. Who wouldn’t feel great after this?

Best home workout

I started with Fitness Blender 6 years ago after I gave birth to my second son. Why do I like it? Because it is so simple, no fancy equipment, no super skinny “fitness chicks” with their full makeup on, just easy but effective workouts. Thank you Kelli and Daniel for this work. Love it!

Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

Yes thats me! 😀 I do get bored easily so thats one of my favourite workouts. I try to do it twice a week. I also do some longer routine once a week and on fourth day of the week, it’s kickboxing, pilates or yoga. Although short, this workout is very versatile. You do not repeat any exercise so just give it a go! You’ll thank me later.

Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Routine

We do HIIT workouts because we want to burn fat. It is brutal but it’s working. I don’t like long workouts, I don’t have time for this. Never have I ever enjoyed going to gym to run on the treadmill for an hour. I like my workouts quick but effective. Did you know that people who do HIIT workout, they lose 28.5% more weight than those who do longer but less intense workout. OK now enough talk … Ready …Set … Go!

Booty And Abs Tabata Workout

Booty and abs … definitely the most important areas to train for me and for many other women. And with this video you can burn calories at the same time so it’s a win win. It includes warm up, yoga cool down and stretch. Only thing you need is exercise mat but you can also use a blanket. Some people don’t use anything. There are so many workouts on Fitness Blender Youtube channel where you do not need any equipment so lets go!

No Equipment Upper Body Routine With Cardio Kickboxing Intervals

I love kickboxing cardio. It is quite different from what I’m used to do, but it is also so much fun. Next day after your first session you can really feel what i’m talking about 😉 It’s just great workout for your core and coordination and at the same time you burn loads of calories. Again, short but effective workout with warm up and cool down.

These were four of my favourite home workouts, I try to change the workout routines every month a little bit. Your body needs that change to break through a weight loss plateau, to use different muscles and also prevent workout boredom. I hope that you got some good ideas from this blog post. Take some time for yourself to change your body and through that, also your mindset! Be happy and be healthy! La Pura Vida

La Pura Vida


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