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How To Treat Acne With Diet?

treat acne with diat

Can Food Cause My Acne?

Acne can be hereditary, caused by hormonal unbalance and excess oil production. Now – lets leave the hereditary part aside, this time I’m interested why my body produces too much oil and if I can help myself. Oil over producing is directly related to hormones. If the higher amount of androgens are presents, the more sebum is produced. Testosterone is major androgen and we hear this word a lot if we speak about acne. So how to treat acne with diet?

treat acne with diet

Can I Balance My Hormones With Right Diet?

Each macronutrient – fat, carbohydrate and protein plays a role in how our hormones are functioning. When I eat “good” food then my hormones are in balance. Or when I eat “bad” food like sugar, high glycemic foods and drink alcohol then I have a negative impact on my hormones. But what are these good and bad foods if we talk acne? Keep reading if you want to find out how to treat your acne with diet.

What Foods Are Bad If You Want To Treat Acne With Diet?

SUGAR – main reason why sugar is bad for acne is the fact that it has HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX. Why is it bad? Because body produces the hormone insulin when we consume excess sugar which leads to increased inflammation and that is the main reason of acne break outs. Furthermore, it is not only sugar but ALL high glycemic index food, as processed foods like- soda, white bread, donuts, deep fried food, cereal etc. But also watermelon, grapes, honey, pumpkin, rice, pasta. If you search you can find many good lists from google!

DIARY- dairy products contains hormones, one glass of milk can have 60 different hormones. Milk sugar aka lactose raises the blood sugar, basically it has high glycemic index. Dairy proteins, especially casein, is linked with skin problems. And after all, dairy is really hard to digest for us, it means all the toxins are coming out of our skin. This also is a common reason of acne break outs.

OMEGA-6 AND SATURATED FAT- these are also high glycemic index foods. But not all fat is bad! Omega-3 is good for your skin, you can get it from seafood and fish, nuts and soy beans.

treat acne with diet

What Foods Are Good If You Want To Treat Acne With Diet?

ZINC- all foods that are rich of zinc are good for your skin. Whole grains, oysters, sea food, cashews and almonds. Why is zinc important for skin health? It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Also because it is good for collagen production.

OMEGA 3 – these fatty acids are good because they regulate hormones, they are anti inflammatory and have antibacterial effect.

MINT- spearmint and peppermint are both antibacterial and they kill yeast in the body. They both also lower the testosterone level.

ANTIOXIDANTS – they can prevent oily skin, and even stop sebum oxidation, which is the process of sebum oxidising. Not only are antioxidants good for fighting acne but also for overall skin health. Which foods contain a high level of antioxidants? Carrots, mango, kale, broccoli, spinach.

treat acne with diet

Fighting acne takes time and patience! But if you are fighting against it for many years like me(I have hormonal acne), then you know that there are no miraculous solutions, everything has to be in balance. No stress, good food and good skin care routine. So let’s live healthy!

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